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Important note: It may be obvious that this web page was never finished, since most of the links don't go anywhere. It may also be obvious that this page will never be finished, since Joseph & Butler split nearly two years ago, Charles Butler hasn't competed since then, and Jessica Joseph is currently trying out with potential partners. As a matter of fact, I hadn't modified the page in about two years and was sort of astonished to discover that the link was still out there. :-) But I'll leave it here for your viewing pleasure for a bit longer, since I did at least put together a very nice photo gallery before the team split. And while you're reading this, I'm going to plug the one skaters' fan page that I do still maintain--a site for Ryan Jahnke. Visit it; I promise my web site skills have much improved since I put this particular page together.


1998 World Junior Champions
1998 U.S. Silver Medalists & Olympic Team Members
1996-97 U.S. Junior Champions

All photos copyright J. Barry Mittan

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