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Tiffany & Johnnie Stiegler: Photos

Photo copyright J. Barry Mittan

Photos copyright J. Barry Mittan

A star lift from Too Hot to Skate 1996 (?)
Another picture from the same show
A pose from the 1997 Nationals
Looking dramatic, same event
A star lift, same event
Looking dramatic again, same event
A split lift, same event
Tiffany shows off her flexibilty in the 1997 Nationals exhibition
Another picture from the exhibition

Photos copyright Richard Hartman

A star lift at the 1996 Nationals
A death spiral at the 1997 Nationals
A split lift at the 1997 Nationals

Photo copyright Emma Abraham

From the 1998 World Junior Selections

Photo copyright Eda Tseinyev

From the 1998 World Junior Championships