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U.S. Figure Skating

The United States has a great history in figure skating, from the early days of the sport when Theresa Weld was reprimanded for unladylike behavior as the first woman known to attempt a jump in competition, to today, when Tara Lipinski dazzles audiences with her triple-triple jump combinations. Our first Olympic champion, Dick Button, was crowned in 1948 (he repeated four years later). Since then, six women and four other men have captured the Olympic title, with many more winning the world championships or world medals. Although the U.S. has been strongest in singles skating for a number of years, we've produced our share of pairs champions and have had moderate success in dance. This page is meant to celebrate the past as well as the future of the country that has become one of the strongest in the world in this sport.

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Latest News

Partial rosters are out for the Goodwill Games. Three men and three ladies from the U.S. have been invited, but I haven't seen any names of pairs or dancers thus far.

Michelle Kwan
Nicole Bobek
Angela Nikodinov

Todd Eldredge
Michael Weiss
Tim Goebel

Another interesting bit of news--Nicole Bobek will be moving back to Detroit to train with her former coach Richard Callaghan next season. Callaghan coached her through what was undoubtedly her most successful year, as the 1995 national champion and world bronze medalist. He's also the coach who brought Todd Eldredge to five world medals, and Tara Lipinski to her Olympic gold and world title. Apparantly he had time to take on Bobek because Lipinski's no longer working with him. His other senior level skaters next year will be Todd Eldredge, Erin Pearl, and Japanese champion Shizuka Arakawa.