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U.S. Men

If there are any skaters on this list that are no longer competing at the elibible level, please e-mail me. You may also want to let me know if there are any links that I've missed.

Michael Chack
Fan page by Sandra Loosemore

Shepherd Clark
Fan page by Cat

Todd Eldredge
Mailing List
Fan page by Leigh Meydrech
Fan page by Fran Buhman & Deb Walsh
Fan page by Traci
Fan page by Liz
Fan page by Heather Winfield

Dan Hollander
Fan page by Cat
Fan page by Ellen Edgerton

Ryan Jahnke
Fan page by April Michelle Knights

Michael Weiss
Official Home Page

1997-98 USFSA Championship Men Bios
1997-98 USFSA Junior Men Bios
1997-98 USFSA Novice Men Bios