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Table of Contents

Currently under heavy construction! I will try to make all the links active within the next few weeks, and any help filling in results when I've labeled them "Incomplete" would be a huge help. Thanks!

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Official Jennifer Kirk Home Page

Current Skaters

Pro/Retired Skaters
Includes pairs teams that have split up

Other Skaters
My favorites from outside the U.S.

Fan Pages at this Site
Tiffany & Johnnie Stiegler
Erin Pearl
Ryan Jahnke

The 1997-98 Season
International Results - Ladies
International Results - Men
International Results - Pairs
International Results - Dance

National Champions
Senior Ladies
Senior Men
Senior Pairs
Senior Dance
Junior Ladies
Junior Men
Junior Pairs
Junior Dance
Novice Ladies
Novice Men
Novice Pairs
Novice Dance

Olympic Mens Finishes
Olympic Ladies Finishes
Olympic Pairs Finishes
Olympic Dance Finishes
World Mens Finishes
World Ladies Finishes
World Pairs Finishes
World Dance Finishes
World Junior Mens Finishes
World Junior Ladies Finishes
World Junior Pairs Finishes
World Junior Dance Finishes
Europeans Finishes

U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame
U.S. Members of World Figure Skating Hall of Fame



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