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Other Skaters

Here are some of my favorites from outside the U.S.

Alexander Abt, Russia (by Eda Tseinyev)
Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Russia (by Michelle Lee)
Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikharulidze, Russia (by April Knights)
Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz, Canada (by Hydroblade Girl)
Kurt Browning, Canada (official)
Maria Butyrskaya, Russia (by Kate Speers)
Philippe Candeloro, France (by Tina Magueyal)
Lu Chen, China (by Michelle Lee)
Josee Chouinard, Canada (by David Grumbine)
Steven Cousins, Great Britain (by Kate Halle)
Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov, Russia (by Su-jan Yip)
Christine Hough & Doug Ladret, Canada (by Kathleen Poelzer)
Evgeny Pluschenko, Russia (by Eda Tseinyev)
Anna Rechnio, Poland (by Daphne Kitchin)
Lucinda Ruh, Switzerland (official)
Kati Winkler & Rene Lohse, Germany (official)
Viacheslav Zagorodniuk, Ukraine (by Helena Oeman)